Okinawa JALT Constitution

The rules and regulations pertaining to the administrative procedures of the Okinawa Chapter of JALT can be found in the PDF file below.

Constitutional Bylaws 

A new bylaw setting term limitations was amended on November 27, 2020 in the administration’s first meeting. See details below:

Term Limitations of National Officer Positions of the Okinawa Chapter

A. Length of Term
All members elected as national officers of the Okinawa Chapter shall serve no longer than three (3) consecutive years in one position, with the exception of Treasurer. No other member can serve as an officer, regardless of position, for more than 6 years total. The national officers of the Okinawa Chapter include the following positions: President, Membership Chair, Program Chair, and Publicity Chair. 

B. Commencement of Term
The term of office for all elected national officers of the Okinawa Chapter shall begin immediately following the election results at the Annual General Meeting.