Trends in Language Teaching 2022: Post-Conference Proceedings

The OkiJALT post-conference presentation for our Trends in Language Teaching 2022 conference is now available!

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Trends in Language Teaching 2022 Conference Post-Conference Proceedings
Editor: Anthony Brian Gallagher

OKINAWA JALT Trends in Language Teaching 2022 Conference was a fully online conference with participants from Okinawa and beyond held on Sunday, January 30th, 2022 (09:30-17:00 Tokyo Time)

The Challenge of Change: Hybrid Teaching and Learning during the Pandemic
by Sviatlana Karpava (Pages 12-25)

Teaching Hybrid Language Courses With a Virtual Audio Mixer
by Hiroto Noguchi (Pages 26-30)

Teaching Argumentative Writing in Junior High School
by Steven Lim (Pages 31-41)

Student-created infographics as a multifaceted tool in remote teaching
by Kristina Bradvica Šančić & Ana Kovačić (Pages 42-54)

Operationalizing Sustainability-Related Goals (SRGs) in Japanese Elementary School ESL Classrooms
by Jesse Reidak (Pages 55-71)